Syncthing on pfsense router


I have a minipc with pfsense installed on it. I am planning to set up syncthing on it as a permanent “cloud server”.

It’s working satisfactorily as of now, except that I get constant “connected to myself - should not happen” message.

Are there any security concerns regarding this? Should I put a little more effort and set up my own discovery server on pfsense box?

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Connected to myself messages are harmless, but might point to a not optimal configuration. It usually happens when there are multiple Syncthing clients behind the same router and port-forwarding is setup for one (some) of these, while everyone is listening on port 22000. So if A has the port forward and tries to connect to B via their global IP, that happens to end up at the port forward back to A. I myself fix that by setting non-standard listening ports on Syncthing clients which get port forwards. Discovery could probably be a bit smarter by filtering addresses which are known to point at itself, but as it’s not harmful, hardly worth the effort.

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