Syncthing on New M1 locks up, never finishings synching

I installed on a new M1 Macbook and it took forever to get all of the folders copied from my old mac to the new one, then it seems to have stopped and never downloaded any of the files from “one of” the source machine’s folder, which has about 32GB of files. I created another test folder, and that one synced everything in minutes, but it was only about 30MB. Does size affect the product’s performance?

EDIT: To clarify, syncthing appears to have pulled over about 4GB of files, just not all of the files from the source machine. Thanks in advance for any help.

You don’t say which version you’re running. The current stable release for Intel CPUs doesn’t run well under Rosetta. You want the macos-arm64 version which is currently in RC.

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Sorry, the about page shows “syncthing-macos1.12.0-1”

The solution was, as @calmh suggested, to install the correct version for my ARM processor. Thank you!


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