Syncthing on netbook via mobile phone wifi hotspot?

Hello: I have syncthing on a server and on two portable mobile devices. one is a netbook with just wifi, and the other is a tablet which has wifi and inbuilt 3g. syncthing works fine to the netbook on wifi, and fine on the tablet on wifi and 3g. both devices sync folders with the server ok. i have tried connecting the netbook via my iphone wifi hotspot. it can browse ok etc, so it seems to be online via 3g/4g thanks to the iphone. but the syncthing gui display on the netbook permanently shows ‘disconnected’ in this case. the server cannot see the netbook either. question: is this not do-able, or are there firewall/filter rules somewhere i have to tweak? it would be really useful if i got this to work. st version is latest 14.46. all devices are windows. any questions/info welcome thank you.

Check the web ui what discovery is saying, what addresses are discovered, what logs say with connection debug enabled.

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