Syncthing on Freenas without Global Relay


I have two devices and both of them run syncthing. They are both connected to the same router.

  • My laptop
  • My NAS running FreeNAS

To sign into my laptop I use:
To sign into my NAS I use:

I can configure them to sync but they use a relay. If i disable global relays they no longer sync.

I want them to sync without a global relay, since they are both on the same network. I recognise that the IP addresses they are using start with different numbers, I don’t know why, and I don’t know if this is part of the problem. Can anyone help with this?

Make sure the relevant ports are opened in firewalls:

If the ip addresses start with different numbers they are not on the same network.

If they were on the same network local discovery should work fine.

Not sure how much we can help here given its your network configuration.

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First of all, is your localhost. You cannot use this IP address to access Syncthing on your laptop from a different machine. I would suggest to check your router configuration first, and figure out the actual IP address range used for your computers and also the address used for each device.

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