syncthing on a router

Hi folks, I want to run syncthing on a router and want to make sure that the internal flash does not wear off too quickly. The planned usage is gonna be 10 to 20 smallish files and ~100…200MB of data total a month, but there is also a DB that synching maintains. Is this use case gonna generate a lot writes to its internal files in a mostly idle mode?

I can’t give any info from a practical viewpoint, as I don’t run iton a router and put the db on a ram disk while running on my computers, but this might give you some general idea: From Syncthing’s side it will be in worst case (no batching) number of item changes (files and dirs) times number of connected devices writes to the db. The db itself is a leveldb, it has a little memory cache and then eventually multiple layers on disk (though probably not many with so little data as yours) and journals.

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IMHO syncthing is a little overkill for this embedded device, I know you want convenience from the nice syncthing configuration and webgui. You don’t mention if it is uni or bidi synchronisation. What is wrong with a rsync over ssh which is much faster and uses less ram than syncthing? Don’t get me wrong I love syncthing but the usecase seems killing a mosquito with a flamethrower :=)

Well, the mosquito will be dead and that is what matters. :slight_smile: I do not want to use ssh to avoid opening WAN ports, so it seems more convenient to use syncthing to get some files over to another router that I do not have physical access to.

I’m using Syncthing on a small MIPS router, i dedicated a 32GB USB storage to ensure the internal flash is used only for router’s primary role.

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