Syncthing not automatically sending from one end only

Hello everyone,

We’ve been using Syncthing for a month and it’s all been smooth till now. The system is between 2 mac computer. On one side, I can add items to the shared folder, and the other machine will receive it instantly. On the other end, I will add something to the folder, but the first machine won’t receive it until I click on “Rescan all” in the menu. We haven’t changed anything since it was working fine and are not sure on how to fix it. One thing that I noticed, on the first machine (The one that can send well), my status is Unknown (online) with an orange light. It then says that Syncthing service stopped, and when I press restart, nothing happens. The other machine (The one that cannot send automatically) is online, green light. Could it be then that the first computer cannot receive data properly, until the second machine rescan from its side?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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