Syncthing no longer starting at startup [fixed upstream]

This used to work:

$ crontab -l
@reboot ~/bin/syncthing/syncthing

Now it doesn’t. Does syncthing now require an interactive terminal to start?

No: nothing’s changed there. When happens when you try and run Syncthing directly?

It works fine.

Bear in mind that env vars such as $HOME often aren’t set by cron. Try using an explicit path rather than ~.

This always worked before, now it’s failing on every single box. I’d like to find out if other people are experiencing the same problem before debugging.

Ok… Debugging will take you 10 mins, waiting for other people will take days, but whatever floats your boat.

The other thing to try is recording Syncthing’s logs, and seeing what’s actually happening when it’s started.

I’m using crontab to start syncthing, too. But I have never used ~/ in crontab, because there is no guarantee that it works.

Did you update your system, so perhaps crontab was updated and they changed what env vars can be used?

This is an SELinux bug in Fedora 23, it will be fixed soon:

Tilde ~ is valid in a crontab.

It expands to $HOME, which may or may not be set depending on your cron implementation. It may be set in your particular cron, but it certainly isn’t guaranteed.

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