Syncthing no longer automatically detecting directory changes

Windows10 + Android14

After modifying the file in Win10, you can basically display the update on your phone immediately.

However, it takes a long time to synchronize files to Win10 after modifying files on the phone (this did not happen before with Android 13)

Now it seems that it is caused by Android 14?

No, at least not with my Android 14 devices. Changes are detected and after the default 10-second delay, pushed out to my other devices.

Check the settings on your Android device to see if file watching might have been inadvertently disabled, leaving Syncthing to rely on scheduled rescans to detect changes.

It worked after I restarted the phone. The changes in the phone were synced to the computer in about 10 seconds.

The Syncthing I am currently running is restored from the backup of the old phone. Maybe the newly created programs and configurations need to be restarted.

Anyway I can use it now!