SyncThing never starts syncing

Last Friday, sync was OK. During the week-end I worked a little at home. Back to my desk today, Syncthing will never start syncing again. No error message. All the folders are given as UPDATE (which they aren’t). The machine this machine should connect to Disconnected and so stays no matter what I do (reboot, rescan, pause and resume…)

Yes, network is working alright, the remote machine is working alright. Is is sync’ing regularly with other machines. So, only this one is sleeping forever (almost 4 hours).

Image bellow depicts what Syncthing tells me about the remote machine:


Is there anything I can do to find why the system is comatose? Anything I can do to force it to connect again? (date and time on the lower right corner informs us last time the systems talked on last Friday).

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You need to check the logs on the system where syncthing is not starting. Obviously it will not connect if the software is not running on the other end.

I understood it such that both systems are up and running.

Given it was working last Friday, and assuming you didn’t do any changes yourself, any chance that something changed in the network that you are not aware of?

In principle I think it should show an error reason in the UI next to the discovered addresses - don’t know right now why there might not be. Anyway for more information activate connections debug facility (actions->logs).

Well, the software itself is running. No errors. It just keep “disconnected” and informs every folder is “update”.

Your are right: both systems are up and running. No error messages. The other machines in the star-shaped network are all talking to each other.

Besides, yes, no changes whatsoever on either side (as far as a know).

For the time being, I can find no error messages.

Debug logging is not about error messages, but about connection attempts (or the lack thereof). Ideally share a similar screenshot as you already did for “Nitro” too plus the logs with debug logging enabled as described above.

We sort of broke relays in 1.3.3, try running 1.3.2 see if it fixes it for you.

Well, I can’t precise when, but at about 2 PM it started sinc’ing. I did not touch either side. I was away from my deck. When I came back here to check the log at about 5, files had been syncnronized. Except for a few different lines at the start, the remaining lines seem only to repeat what I show bellow:

At the start up:

=============== Jan 27, 2020 (-03) =============== 12:11:53.263878 log@legend F·NumFile S·FileSize N·Entry C·BadEntry B·BadBlock Ke·KeyError D·DroppedEntry L·Level Q·SeqNum T·TimeElapsed 12:11:53.266365 version@stat F·[0 21 51] S·131MiB[0B 40MiB 90MiB] Sc·[0.00 0.41 0.09] 12:11:53.266437 db@open opening 12:11:53.266961 journal@recovery F·1 12:11:53.267323 journal@recovery recovering @5464 12:11:53.273520 memdb@flush created L0@5518 N·22 S·868B “\x00\x00\x00…\x00\x01x,v8108746”:"\v\x00\x00…\x00\x01@,v8108748" 12:11:53.274929 version@stat F·[1 21 51] S·131MiB[868B 40MiB 90MiB] Sc·[0.25 0.41 0.09]


12:29:54.992949 table@build created L2@5552 N·7113 S·818KiB “\x02\x00\x00…obi,v1056511”:"\x02\x00\x00…obi,v1042988" 12:29:54.993037 version@stat F·[0 22 51] S·131MiB[0B 40MiB 90MiB] Sc·[0.00 0.41 0.09] 12:29:54.994972 table@compaction committed F-1 S-21KiB Ke·0 D·643 T·662.084787ms 12:29:54.995069 table@remove removed @5522 12:29:54.995596 table@remove removed @5495

But this happened in the morning too, so I can’t understand why it did not synchronize in the morning, but did it one or two hours after being restarted after mid-day.

Anyway, it is now working as always, so let’s give it up. Thank you guys.

Just for future reference, this log is from the database engine which has no information about syncthing at all. Syncthings log usually is logged to stdout.

Oops! Sorry for that. My abyssal ignorance. And perhaps some sloth and laziness too.

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