Syncthing multiplies one folder into tens of folders


Why does Syncthing do this?


I am syncing between my Syncthing on Synology and SyncTrayzor on Windows. I have on both Syncthing’s the option to “Ignore permissions” enabled on my folder of choice.

This happens when I rename a folder to essentially the same name with different capitalization. I haven’t tried other type of renamings. After this issue happens, the folder I am renaming is getting multiplied to tens of folders that I then have to manually merge all of them together. I can only hope that all the files are still there and none got deleted in the process.

Any idea how to solve this? Right now, I am trying to disable “file watching” and just leave enabled the feature of scanning the whole folder periodically every minute.

Some more info:

  • Both Syncthing’s are running on version v1.7.1.

  • The folders that have this happening are git repositories and have ‘.git’ folders inside of them. I suspect the many files inside the ‘.git’ folder has something to do with it.

Thank you for the help in advance!


Syncthing didn’t do that. The naming pattern is not like anything Syncthing would use to create conflict copies, temp files, or other things.

That, however, isn’t supported and will cause all kinds of issues.

Also, you are bound to corrupt your git repos by syncing them, don’t do that either.

Ah, okay! Thanks @calmh and @AudriusButkevicius!

Then it has to be the Synology Drive package on Synology, since I made it keep versions of the files.

I’ll keep in mind the folder renaming and git repos advice, thank you!

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