Syncthing loves conflicts


I am having a bit of an issue with how syncthing creates conflicts constantly.

Here is how this is happening.

  • I have 5 nodes connected to eachother (3 Linux, 2 Android). all running also syncthing-inotify

  • Only one node(linux) and the same one always creates some playlists every 3 hours via cron job(parsing an writing some mp3s in playlist)

  • These playlists are "created/modified) by only one node and no other node. Other nodes might read them but that is it.

  • Every day, after sometime, based on some unknown circumstances, Syncthing populates the folder where the playlists resides with conflict files.

And this is puzzling. Why would Syncthing create conflicts of those playlist files if only one node is writing or modifying them?

It is not like the playlists are written every 5 secs, i would see that might be an issue where updates and other nodes cant catch up with the changes but 3 hours is sufficient to catch up.

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I’m a bit of a broken record on this, but the keyword is usually “Android”. I suspect the conflicts, whatever the real cause, happen when one of your Android devices sync.

Well here is the thing.

MPD.sync-conflict-20180205-021340-BBSMANC.m3u (the file is originally called MPD.m3u)

BBSMANC is the first 7 letters of the hashname of the “Linux node” that creates the playlists in the first place.

Does that mean that it is creating the conflict or it is just reacting to the conflict? I am not technical enough to understand this

Check what differs between the files, permissions, modification time, content, etc?

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Similar to Audrius questions: Maybe when reading the playlists they get modified, i.e. the player may add play-counts or similar metadata to them?

As far as I can tell no modification is done. Even so, I get these kinds of conflict with regularly updated files.

What does that mean, how have you verified?

Ok if we assume that the Android version is the issue, what can we do about this? Is there a workaround, remedy for avoiding conflicts from Android (beside not using it)?

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