Syncthing lost all configs after ubuntu upgrade?

I didn’t notice at first but I seem to have had to reinstall syncthing and when I started it there is no longer any synced dirs listed and my ubuntu device is no longer connecting to any other devices.

The .config/syncthing dir still exists. Is there something that might have changed?

Check the user that runs syncthing, perhaps it’s a different user hence the files in your home directory have no meaning?

Also, check that the config.xml content still matches what you expect. Also, if you are not using our packages (and using ubuntu ones), they might have done something.

Also, what’s your Syncthing version? 1.5.0-rc.1 did some things here, though the described effect is of course not intended.

syncthing v1.4.2 “Fermium Flea” (go1.13.9 linux-amd64) 2020-04-07 11:14:03 UTC

I think it is just my user. I think I did try an install via Ubuntu for an upgrade and the removed (after using the main Syncthing deb package for a while). If that could affect the config.xml that could be the source. I’ve just re-added the machines now but I think I did the following:

sudo apt-get install syncthing sudo apt-get remove syncthing

And then (re) followed the exact install instructions from the syncthing site. If the release key or channel had changed it could be that.

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