Syncthing Lite update

I have fixed syncthing-lite’s file upload (it did not work correctly, at least for me), and added support for deletion of files. You can find this in my fork at

Edit: i am not proficient in Android App development, so all i know is publishing it in my github; if anyone knows how to publish it in Play/F-Droid, help is appreciated

I think we can unarchive the repo, merge the pull request and merge it back if you’d like. It’s not a codebase we maintain, but any improvements are welcome.

We can definitely help with the publishing side of things (it’s already set up). However you’d have to work on it regularly to make any publishing efforts worthwhile. The project is in early stages of development and thus needs more than just an occasional bugfix/improvement. It would be very cool if you were up for that, just want to be clear about the state of things.

As I said I’m quite new to android development, so I don’t know how much I can keep up with the development. This is more of a hacky fix: I wanted it to work so I made it work - but I think I lack the experience to maintain it regularly.