Syncthing is teh worst thing eva and I want a pony RIGHT NOW

Come on guys, we need to tone down our feature requests a bit, be a bit more respectful and less demanding.

@calmh has done an incredible amount of work in a crazy short amount of time, pretty much completely on his own. We’ve gone from having no decent file sync solution to something that’s pretty damn good - all in a few months. This is unbelievable!

So when we open an issue at github, or a thread here, let’s remember this.


You are right, calmh does make a very good job here!

A good occasion to say: Thank you, calmh!!!

I think the problem here is, that everyone would like to have a alternative solution for dropbox, Bittorrent-Sync etc. And IMHO synchting can be. But it is still missing some pieces.

Boring thins for me is, that syncthing is written in Go and not in Python, so i can’t really help mutch, see also:

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Ha! :slight_smile: I love you all. That said, yes, it’s been a little overwhelming and I think at the moment I’m spending more time responding to issues than actually coding stuff. But it’s all valid.

Btw I’m going away thursday to sunday, so when I’m not answering anything anymore it’s not because I’ve abandoned the project or anything. :wink:


I agree. @calmh has done an impressive amount of work for a project that we all want working well yesterday. We can’t let our excitement and wishes for the future of the project get ahead of the work that needs to be done now.

I am fairly new to the project and am definitely guilty of this. As soon as I found syncthing, I started wishing it worked like this or had that. But I have not taken the time to say thank you to @calmh for creating such an amazing and much needed foundation for this program. So Thanks! I hope this project grows and becomes the feature rich ultimate file syncing solution that we all want, eventually. For now, lets make sure its made well enough to stay around for that long.

Thanks again @calmh!


True! Great job done! Respect to the master! :smiley:


I also want to thank calmh for his amazing work and will follow the development and help with testing and bug reports if i have the time.


+1, Many thanks to all the contributors to this great project. I’ll try and keep my involvement constructive and not be a time waster. I wish I had the time to do more to help.