Syncthing is changing between online and offline every second

Program downloaded. Unable to open it. Mac Sierra Says continously START - STOP

Error message: Firefox, Safari … cannot access

What to do? I’m completedly Beginner.

Thanks for help

PS: installed syncthing on a other mac ok

Correct would be without the dot after the “1”.

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I don’t know what that means, but Sierra is likely too old to be supported by the latest version of Syncthing. Try an older version, perhaps.

Syncthing is changing between ONLINE and OFFLINE. I can not click on the OPEN button. I see the programm in the programm section as well as the icon on the top of the mac. If installed it by clicking on download. Is it better and more successfull to use HOMEBREW?

Safari says: “Safari kann keine Verbindung zum Server aufbauen. Safari kann die Seite “” nicht öffnen, da Safari keine Verbindung zum Server “” aufbauen kann.”

I also put off mac’s firewall —> helped not.

What to do? Thanks for further help.

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