SyncThing is becoming unusable for me

I just looked, between all the shared locations I have about 616,000 files, most located on older spinning HDD. Whenever my computer restarts from sleep, turns on in the morning or restarts after windows update - SyncThing starts chewing my older HDDs to death! I need at least option to DISABLE this, if not outright remove this ridiculous assumption? Nothing happened to the files if the computer was OFF, sleeping or just doing restart! And if something would have happened, it would be in NTFS LOG - Isn’t it being monitored?! I already have full-rescan configured at once a week or so, much more manageable. Btw - Most of my files are very small JS, CSS, GIF files, used for web-development. Still sheer amount of them causes 20-30 minutes of “disk chewing” - this is on i5 12th gen 4Ghz system…

This one will be solved in the upcoming release, but when it comes to scanning after OS restarts, etc., there’s really no other way, as you can’t guarantee that the files haven’t changed in between. There’s an issue open on GitHub about disabling scanning in such a case for Receive Only/Encrypted folders though.

Have you tried to adjust Setting it to a low number like 1 or 2 helps greatly with spinning disks.

Maybe you’re the one to step up and implement it?

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Most of the small web-dev related files are concentrated in one or two folders, so not sure that option will help much, but will try. To be clear - I am Full Willing for the file-state to be inconsistent in-between full-scans, again, at least as an option? It is a risk I am fully wanting to take, especially since I know my files best…

I just switched jobs so doing a lot of learning and catching up around the clock and weekends. Once this over with, if it is still not done - I’ll gladly dive into it!

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This isn’t possible at the moment, unfortunately. Your only solution is probably to disable (this won’t be necessary in the upcoming release, because the option itself has been removed), and then use strictly sleep/hibernation when turning off the computer. Windows Update normally requires reboots only once per month, so it shouldn’t be that bad.

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Except some of us are on Microsoft Insider track, where we get beta and other features from MS pretty frequently - so many more restarts happening. If I dive into the code and make a PR for this, simply as an added option at the Folder level to “Only full-rescan as scheduled” - what are the chances it will get accepted?

It would (unless it’s done terribly hacky, but this can be done cleanly - happy to give pointers) - the ticket has been linked above (and @calmh more or less already dared you to do it :slight_smile: ). I don’t think we even need a new option for that: It should anyway be conditional on “watching for changes” (always do a scan at startup if it’s enabled) and anyone that has a very long scan interval kind of expressed that they don’t care about not detecting changes in that time, so not scanning until that time is over seems fine.

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