Syncthing-inotify question

I have syncthing running with synchthing-inotify (Fedora Linux). Occasionally I see in my logfiles:

syncthing-inotify: [OK] Syncthing is indexing change in MyFolder: [.stfolder]

However, the contents of MyFolder were not changed, in particular the .stfolder file was untouched (even unread) for a while:

drwxr-x---. 15 jv jv   4096 Apr 28 06:00 ./
drwxr-xr-x. 48 jv jv  12288 Apr 28 06:00 ../
-rw-r--r--   1 jv jv      0 Mar 30 13:35 .stfolder

Any idea what is going on?

This is used to defer the scan time.

Could you please elaborate?

I see this “indexing change” message all of the time when something did change in a folder so I find it confusing to see the message when nothing has changed.

Elaborate on what?

When you submit a scan request you have the option to tell syncthing not to rescan for another x seconds after this rescan. Inotify sends a false scan request on a file that is ignored just to defer the next scan time.


Thanks, now I understand.

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