Syncthing-inotify option -delay-scan not working


Since the recent updates I wanted to use syncthing-inotify delay-scan options but it doesn’t seems to work:

$ ./syncthing-inotify  -delay-scan="86400"  -api="XXXXXXX"
[OK] 10:26:56 Watching zukoo_perso: /home/zukoo/zukoo_perso
[OK] 10:26:56 The rescan interval of folder ISOs can be increased to 3600 (an hour) or even 86400 (a day) as changes should be observed immediately while syncthing-inotify is running.

If i look at the webUI the folders status change to “Scanning” every minutes or so. Is there anything else to do in syncthing config file for exemple?


The -delay-scan option is a bit broken (AFAIK): it will only delay the scan after a file change has been seen by Syncthing-inotify. After that, Syncthing will return to its configured scanning interval.

You can increase the scanning interval for that folder in Syncthing’s configuration, and ignore the -delay-scan option.

  1. You can ignore this warning, it should work as intended. See
  2. I should add a timer based on the rescan interval defined in the config to make sure Syncthing does not get trapped in the default scan loop. This is now