Syncthing infrastructure

I like to know how the infrastructure behind syncthing is working.

  1. How do the devices can find each other?

  2. Is there any central server who manages the discovery process?

  3. If yes can I run such servers on my own?

  4. Who is running the actual server and how can I be sure that they will exist for a long time?

There’s a lot of info about these topics in

Sorry you are right :smile: For 3. I could find this: But what about the actual discovery servers? Who pays them?

  1. They find each other via discovery servers or direct connection*
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. calmh is using cheap vps’s. I would say, as long as he is developing and using Syncthing, they will stay online :wink:

*) If you have a static ip or dyn dns, you can enter the address directly in the device settings, so there is no need for discovery.

Yeah, for the current list of infrastructure.

How are the servers financed?

With donations. ( Can be done here: )

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