Syncthing indexing since 1 day, from 10% gone to 0%

Yesterday in approximately the same time i’ve started syncthing to index my 1,2 TB folder on my ARM small pc. Yesterday at night it was at 14% indexing. Now it’s at 0%… While using cpu and reading the disk constantly.

What is this?

Maybe it restarted or something. Look at the log.

no it isn’t, at least the system isn’t, only syncthing could restart itself. But anyway, if it restarts indexing after restart, then it would be a serious flaw, and yesterday indexed to 10% in a hour, now standing at 0%

I am guessing it is a low powered board and the UI might have stopped responding. Are the logs showing anything? Does a hard refresh of the UI help?

No it isn’t stopped, it shows cpu & utilization, and the UI was closed, and opened multiple times.

“2018-03-05 12:58:49 Completed initial scan of readwrite folder”

Still using CPU and reading the disk, while nothing is changed in the folder.

Did you change the rescan interval from the default 60s? If not, you should do that.

Now suddenly from 0%, it writes “up to date”, and stopped using resources.

It takes minutes of using 1 core at 100% to just refresh the index if nothing changed? That’s a problem. what about inotify usage?

Now on windows PC syncthing writing 45 mbytes/sec on disk (tmp-index-sorter ldb files), which isn’t the same disk as where the data is. SSD stress test from syncthing?

Same time the linux syncthing writes all files are synced with the windows pc (which is true), the windows gui writes that nothing is synced (false). But now linux one changed to 0% synced too… It seems i need to continue searching for a win-linux file sync software.

Syncthing configuration files and database is not stored in the shared folder. You can move it an specify it’s location with a command line argument at run time.

It is unclear at what point in the synchronisation process you are. If the device are only starting to exchange their indexes, until they are finished they will display out of sync.

Index sorting happens when the index is to be initially sent to another device. It can be a significant operation for a large index.

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