Syncthing has an addon for OpenELEC


An addon for Syncthing has been added to the OpenELEC unofficial addons!

Enjoy! @


Any links for this? Is it an OS addon or an Kodi addon?

The addon is an OpenELEC (OS) addon. It is available through the OpenELEC unofficial repository, via the OpenELEC user interface. I will document it here, as soon as I have the time. @


The syncthing add-on is readily available for OpenELEC 6.0 and 7.0 via the OpenELEC Add-ons (unofficial) repository.


In OpenELEC, select:

  2. Add-ons
  3. Install from repository
  4. OpenELEC Mediacenter OS Add-ons
  5. Add-on repository
  6. OpenELEC Add-ons (unofficial)
  7. Install
  8. go back to Install from repository
  9. OpenELEC Add-ons (unofficial)
  10. Services
  11. syncthing
  12. Install
  13. syncthing
  14. Configure

By default, the GUI is listening on port 8384. The address of the GUI may be configured, see the last step above.

The Code

The code of the syncthing addon for OpenELEC can be found here. It is fairly easy to build, in particular since it relies on binary releases and does therefore not require building the whole OpenELEC toolchain and/or system.