syncthing hangs never completing syncing


Thanks for taking the time to look at my problem!

My problem - syncthing thinks it is Out of Sync when everything is in sync…

I’ve finally (after 4 hours of messing with it) gotten it “unstuck”, by forcing it to reindex on 3 out of the 4 devices.

My questions:

  • Is there a better way to “unstick” syncthing?
  • Any idea what caused it to get “hung” in the first place?

My problem:

I have good solid connections between machines, but one of the devices has shown "Syncing 92% for days there is nothing useful in the log, and the file system has plenty of space (30% currently), 2 other devices say 95% and 27% syncing.

I’ve verified with rsync -n -avP that the directories on the all devices are identical, (except one file, a simple small text file that I edited with vim, which I noticed was not synced and started me checking on things).

Yet syncthing thinks there are 178 unsynced files on one device, 1822 on another device, 7 on another device, and “95% 0B” on another device.

Restarted syncthing on all 4 devices multiple times over a few hours hoping they would realize that they were all up to date (at some point the text file that was not properly synced, became properly synced on all machines, but that didn’t change the fact that syncthing was still under the impression that most things were not in sync.

One of the devices showed that all 3 other devices are Up to Date, but those other devices say that they are still syncing to each other. :frowning:

So, I left all 4 devices up and running while I slept. The logs showing that they are all directly connected on my local LAN. 10 hours later, same state, still, showing lots of different incomplete syncing states.

I’ve temporarily fixed the problem:

I ended up, one device at a time:

  • stopping syncthing
  • deleting the index directory contents
  • starting sync thing again
  • wait until it got as far as it was going to go on resyncing for that device
    • very fast, GBytes per second
    • < 1 MB/sec network traffic, so just verifying the files via hashing))
    • about a minute each time
    • but it would say synced, then decide only 99% then synced, then 95 %, etc…
    • it would take 2 to 4 minutes for each device to stop changing what it thought the state was
  • Repeat for next device

After I did this on all 3 computers (the 4th device was my android phone, fortunately I didn’t have to reindex it), it finally decided that everything was synced.

Total time once I decided to reindex each device, ~10 minutes.

Thanks, Wayne

I’d start off with the obvious questions, what version are you running, what sort of devices are you running syncthing on, etc.

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