Syncthing GUI through proxy

I’m working on a project that let’s you host ‘log into’ several local services with a single username and password.

  • I run a local NodeJS server that has a login system + JWT authentication
  • That server can also proxy all http requests to another service. For example the route /proxy/syncthing proxies all requests over to localhost:12711 (the address the Syncthing API is on)

The way it works is when you sign into the Node Service, it sets up a cookie with a JWT. And when you go to /proxy/syncthing in the browser, the JWT cookie is verified before any request is proxied.

This system has been useful for simplifying access to several low bandwidth web services. I just tried adding Syncthing to it and it almost just worked.

The proxy service worked on every request EXCEPT the update config request. Every time I try running that request through the proxy I get a 400 error and see this in the logs: Decoding posted config: read tcp> i/o timeout

When I try accessing Syncthing without the proxy, everything works as expected.

I tried googling that error but I couldn’t find much information. Any ideas about what could be causing this error?

Does your proxy correctly send the data in the POST request?

It’s possible that the proxy has some request body size limit that the config POST request exceeds.

It turned out to be a problem with the POST data not being passed in correctly. Thanks!

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