syncthing-gtk show "Syncing (100%)" too soon + some other stuff


some things i noticed, if its too irelevant, ignore this.

I’m running Windows 7, unfortunately i was not able to run syncthing-gtk on my Debian NAS (for comparison), something is missing on my side probably…

Yeh, and all of following concern only syncthing-gtk, i believe.

  1. syncthing-gtk show “Syncing (100%)” (in the head of syncing folder) even though syncing is still in the progress, WEB-GUI in this case shows “Syncing (99%)” a doesn’t show 100% until syncing is complete, i think i has something to do with rounding, and for big folders that 100% can stay there considerable amount of time and it may be confusing?

  2. When syncthing-gtk is set to display “Folder ID” in the head of every folder, it still displays “Folder ID” in “info” after clicking on the head. I think it’s only consuming space, also using icon which is used to “syncthing version” in GTK and “syncthing version” + “file versioning” in WEB-GUI. Could there be a check for this, so if “folder ID” is set to show in the head in settings it wouldn’t show in “info” and if “folder path” is set it wouldn’t show that? Also, it should use some other icon, for example icon of disk which is used by WEB-GUI in the head (and in GTK also in the head, though it looks different). That brings me to another thing:

  3. Could there be a line in “folder info” in syncthing-gtk that show what versioning is used? Now when icon for that is available? I like that syncthing-gtk shows soo much more info than WEB-GUI, but this is still kinda missing.

  4. Is there a reason why “Upload rate” is missing in “Connected node info” in syncthing-gtk?

  5. And also, could there be “Shared folders” line in “Connected node info” in syncthing-gtk just like in WEB-GUI?

I don’t know, if comparing GTK againts WEB-GUI is the right way, but i feel that GTK should be:

a) as close to WEB-GUI as possible, b) more advanced version of WEB-GUI with more info (i would prefere this option),

but shouldn’t create inconsistency about icon using, percentage showing and “some info” missing.

But that’s my opinion, what do you think?

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One more thing:

Bubble which apear after i click on “syncthing icon” or “settings icon” has no border and it looks little weird.