Syncthing-gtk replacement for Linux?

I’ve been a satisfied user of syncthing-gtk for several years, but since a week or so it started to crash from time to time on my computer. As I see from github repo it seems to be abandoned and I’m afraid the problem won’t be fixed anytime soon.

In this regard I wanted to ask if any of you found a decent replacement for this. Specifically, I’m looking for a Linux GUI app that would run Syncthing on system startup, display basic information about my Syncthing network and ideally that would support desktop notifications.

I don’t think it’s quite dead. There are some forks of it being somewhat actively developed. Look through the issues regarding Python 3 support, they have some links to the newer repositories.

If you find any of those are usable and seem future-proof, we could adapt the documentation to point to another fork.

There’s and generally you can find more projects around Syncthing on Community Contributions — Syncthing v1 documentation