Syncthing-GTK Not Syncing

I’ve set up Syncthing-GTK on both my Elementary Freya (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS base) & openSUSE Tumbleweed laptop trying to sync the music folders between them. I have added the key on both PCs but although content is indexed, no syncing going on. Do I need to punch a hole through SUSE firewall? What port? 8080? Any ideas?

Check the wiki on github.

This page on the wiki might help you:


Thx guyz. Freya is 14.04 LTS based by way of correction…

I tried dialing in TCP/UDP ports from Wiki originating from router IP in SUSE firewall, but both instances of Syncthing still list the share as last seen; never. There is no reference to universal plug & play in router interface? It’s a UK TalkTalk supplied HG635 Super Router.

Last seen is only updated upon successful handshake. And I don’t know about your router enough to answer your question.

UPnP is on & 22000 TCP & 21025 UDP are exposed as destination ports on SUSE firewall but both instances do not see each other.

Can you actually connect to 22000 from the outside of the NAT?

It has to be 22000:22000 mapping not some random port:22000.

OK, hmmm, not understand Network Address Translation, can you explain? Windows 7 also not see SUSE box.

I don’t know what your networking setup is, hence I am not sure what you want me to explain. I assume your SUSE box is your gateway?

I see. Got 1 x router with Debian tower & RPM laptop, both wireless. Not sure how to troubleshoot, they see each other but Syncthing does not work.

Do you have local discovery enabled? Are both devices on the same subnet? Try setting the exact IPs for each of them, that should solve the local discovery failing.

Local discovery enabled by default, not sure what a subnet is? IPs are dynamically assigned by router. Fixed IP not desirable.