Syncthing GTK ist not updating syncthing binary

@kozec Syncthing GTK is not updating the syncthing binarys on Linux Mint, i am still with version 0.11.20 Keep binary up to date box is checked

There was small bug in the Matrix, as I added v0.10.23 by mistake. Open UI Settings dialog and click save, it should re-check updates in background and download correct version now.

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As an aside, do you upgrade to the “official” binaries or your own compilation with in-Syncthing upgrades disabled? I’m thinking of how this integrates with the new signed upgrades.

(You could, for example, disable automatic upgrades and use syncthing -upgrade-to=... when you want an upgrade.)

I just read about that. I’d rather keep using internal updater in ST-GTK, but I’ll check for way how to do signature check from python.

And ST-GTK uses official binaries, but self-updates are disabled using STNOUPGRADE flag.

Yes, now it is updating

Have again the same problem as in my first post. ST GTK is not updating from 0.11.23 to version 0.11.25

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