Syncthing GTK installs the binary files in different folders in Cinnnamon and KDE


On Linux Mint Cinnamon version in /home/rick/.local/bin/syncthing.x64

On Linux Mint KDE version in /usr/bin/syncthing, this is a read-only folder so the binary files not updated

Iā€™m fairly sure there is no way for ST-GTK to decide to install syncthing into /usr/bin -

But if you have /usr/bin/syncthing preinstalled, either by hand or using package manager, ST-GTK will use it. Of course, updating is not supported nor possible in such case.

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Ahhh ok now i understand

I am trying now to install Syncthing GTK in Mint KDE 64 bit an it is stucking at download

Is that progressbar full or completely empty?

There may be some problem between your machine and github. Try to run ST-GTK from console using syncthing-gtk -d and look for anything that looks like an error.

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