syncthing frozen?

Hi, I am trying to sync 2 devices but it seems like syncthing is somehow frozen. On the recieving end i have this status:

and on the sending side i have this status:

I cannot understand what is messing up this synchronization. Also I don’t understand why the number of out-of-sync items on the 2 sides are not matching? I have waited for a long time and the number of files out of sync is not changing on either side. Any help would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks

This may not fix the issue, but first of all I would suggest to update Syncthing to the latest version on both sides (which is v1.6.1 at the moment).

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As @tomasz86 wrote, upgrading is a good first step. Then if they persist, have a look at the locally changed items. They may be preventing further sync.

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