Syncthing for QNAP

Syncthing qpkg for QNAP is here:

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Cool. Would you mind adding a reference to that in and remove the existing, dead link to previous QNAP packages?

I tested this package. Qnap package is very slow, and very low security. But I keep it on my NAS.

Care to say what you mean by that?

Even though I don’t have a QNAP device, I had a look at the package and discovered that there’s only one release visible - titled “” and created 5 months - ago which bundles Syncthing v1.0.0 (I checked the included binary file). It seems like the package is inactive (possibly unmaintained?).

I also verified the checksum of the syncthing binary that is included in the package (arm and amd64 versions) and it’s definetly the untampered GitHub v1.0.0 release, so at least there seems to be no hidden magic. I haven’t really understood the QNAP specific installer scripts, but it seemed legit.

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