Syncthing for iOS

I know the version of Möbius for iPhone and iPad. Is planned a official version from Syncthing for iOS?

Unsurprisingly, it’s not the first time someone asks that question on the forum. I’m sure a search will surface answers from all the usual suspects.

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That’s literally our second most long-standing issue (and hopefully soon to be longest-standing issue):
All the info you need is there and in countless threads asking about this in the meantime. And I mean the whole point of the recent discussion here about Möbius was the lack of a Syncthing client on iOS.

More generally I remain unconvinced of the usefulness of the Syncthing sync model on iOS. Of course, thunderous success of Möbius would prove me wrong. In the meantime, since that exists it seems like the problem is solved for the moment.


I have been running it on my iPhone for a couple or three weeks now, and although it works, it is not as I had anticipated. My bad.

Syncthing only syncs when you connect for a brief period, as ios doesn’t permit a daemon running full time in the background. Another limitation of the ios operating system is it does not allow me to open a file directly, but I must import it into the app. This may be a limitation of the app along with the ios operating system.

I have my personal password manager file and a work database file, sync’ed with my computers, but I muse re-load the file each time I want to see a current version. Same way with the SQLite database flie with projects for work.

Mobius sync does sync the files in the sync folder(s) OK, although it syncs every now and then instead of continuous sync as on other clients, but that is acceptable on my part. The inherent problems, as I see it, are on the ios end, and I haven’t found a work around, but I know nothing about ios system. I could manually copy the files with basically the same result.


These are precisely the limitations I mean. Getting Syncthing to run in an iOS app isn’t rocket science, but it’s just not very useful on its own.

Well, I guess that one could argue that such an app could be used in the full extent on a jailbroken device…

I guess? But then the app exists, or you can probably just run the command line version. Or use Android. :slight_smile:

@Andy Assuming 1) an iOS device is always going to be accessing an always on Syncthing node and 2) non-open source solution is okay (seems to be a necessary part of using most iOS apps).

The best solution is to run to access an always on Syncthing node. This app is basically an SSH client that integrates with the iOS files app. Even Windows has native support for running an SSH server today.

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I’m surprised to read this. Yes syncthing is for power users.

But I would love to stop using dropbox completely as it’s my gateway between my computers and my iphones.

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@devmtl See my post above regarding accessing a Syncthing node with an iOS SSH client ( Also, Tresorit has a 3 GB free plan and while not perfect, is preferable to Dropbox.

I think accessing a Synthing node via SSH from an iPhone is as good iOS integration as can get right now.

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So use Möbius. It is Syncthing for iOS.

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