Syncthing for dummies?

Hi, I have just found out about Syncthing as a more secure alternative to being able to access my office network drive when traveling abroad so I can work and not worry.

I think Syncthing looks great and will fit the bill for me but I am having a few issues in getting it to run between my devices (as well as my co-worker’s). We are a very small business with no IT competence.

So far I have been able to name the network drive as a repository for my work desktop and I have also connected both my android phone and pc laptop with each other with their Device ID.

My issue is that my devices are shown as disconnected whenever I am in the Web GUI on any of the devices.

Also, on my pc laptop I am receive an error note “Failed to create UPnP port mapping”.

I saw the post about opening ports 22000/TCP and 21025/UDP in the firewalls and I have done so (I think).

Any helpful tips? Need any additional information? Is there a Syncthing for Dummies somewhere?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you! T

So the fact that you cannot connect is probably down to the firewall as it always is. Are you behind a router/NAT on both sides? If yes, you need UPnP to work, if it doesn’t work, you will need to setup port forwarding on atleast one side.

This is supposed to be the getting started guide, but it’s unfortunately out of date and not that great. It doesn’t get the attentions it deserves. I hope someone, maybe me, does something about that one day soon.