syncthing & dynamic IP

Hi Everybody. I am about to set up my own cloud, but for this my ssh server would have to use dynamic IP. I already have a domain and a cloudflare account, so the ssh server will be set. My question is: is Syncthing capable of successfully integrate with tools such as ddclient in order to work with a ssh server without a static IP? Thank you all.

Syncthing does not use SSH, nor does it care about dynamic IPs as it’s using it’s own discovery protocol.

This only matters if you want to hard wire the addresses, but in this case you can use dyndns, and hard code DNS names.

Just to add in own experience all that need to do in any dynamic IP or port forward situation is leave the GUI checkboxes for “relay servers” and “global discovery” checked and leave a device address as “dynamic” in order for Syncthing to work across any firewall or IP change.