Syncthing doesn't sync outside of lan


I need syncthing to work on my universities’ internet (eduroam) but it doesn’t work for some reason.

I need my laptop to sync with my raspberry pi when I’m outside lan (and when I’m in lan as well). In the web-gui, when I was connected to my univ’s IP, it said that the connection type was via “relay client”, but nothing synced.

Is there a way to make it so it works outside lan?

If it’s connected it should sync. Screenshots?

You might setup an OpenVPN Server on your raspberry and tunnel the traffic from your laptop to the Pi. I have a similar setup as I didn’t want to use NAT and discovery features

Actually, I tried again and it does sync. No idea why at that time it didn’t sync… Perhaps there was some problem with the HDD (badly mounted?).

I don’t know, it’s working now, thanks!

One question: What is the maximum velocity via “relay client”?

Depends on the relay but most have rate limits. I usually assume 100K.

Depends on how the relay has been configured. Theoretically infinite, but the more generous relays put a limit of 100Kbit/s to 2mbit/s.

Of course, that limit has no effect if the relay is busy - you’ll get a slice of what’s available.

Is the creation of a relay-client something anyone can do? I mean, is it easy to setup?

If so, I might be interested in providing one.

Yes, it’s pretty easy. You’ll need a dedicated server with a permanent internet connection, decent bandwidth (symmetric, both up and down), and a decent data limit (in the region of 1TB/month plus).

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