Syncthing disabled

I downloaded Syncthing for Android. I had it previously on my phone but wasn’t using it. I wanted to try it again.

Oddly it starts up and says

Syncthing is disabled Do you want to change your preferences? Exit Change Settings

So, I click change settings, takes me in there and then I hit back to get out and it goes all the way out. I can’t get in to do anything.

I tried going in and clearings Storage for syncthing too, but it still goes through this procedure.

version 0.10.13

The notification is to let you know the run conditions are not met (probably something you set the first time you installed it.

Have a look there and see what options are set.

To clarify: this is not the beta but the release version. Are you connected to wifi? Running on android 8+ and having wifi restricted but location turned off?

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