Syncthing database creation different different behavior to scans


I use synctrazor portable and decided to upgrade to synctrazor V1.0.31 and syncthing V0.12.4 as the database gets updated I decided to re-create the database so deleted the folder index-v0.11.0.db and started syncthing/synctrayzor.

First thing I noticed was that it v0.12.4 created the same folder again (index-v0.11.0.db) this is just an observation I expected the folder to be named index-v0.12.0.db

Second thing that occurred: I use a program called autover ( which makes a date stamped backup of any modified file in my user directory, when syncthing does its first build of the database autover thinks all the files have changed and makes backups of them all.

If I turn autover off when syncthing does its first build, then turn autover on syncthing startup and manually selecting rescans have no effect on autover except when I modify a file.

This behavior also occurred when using syncthing v0.11.x

Whats different between the database build and rescan once the database has been created?

would you expect this behavior with any backup software that monitors modification attributes?



v0.11 is the version of the db. If the database format hasn’t changed, there is no need to upgrade it or store it in a different location (A db version v0.11 created in syncthing v0.12 can still be used in syncthing v0.11, so you can downgrade).

The db only changes when it needs to. If you are not connected to anyone and no files are changing, there is no need for the db to change.

Thank you for explaining the db convention, I am all in favour of being able to roll back easily.

Which leaves my other query why does my backup software think that my files have been modified when syncthing first creates its database but doesn’t for scans?

I don’t know, consult with your software vendor.

I had no response from autover so switched to Genie Timeline which does not exhibit the symptoms that autover does.

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