Syncthing Crashing

Long time user here:

I run syncthing on numerous devices, on numerous platforms.

Today I have noticed two of them both crashing (never had this before)

Both are Windows 10, both use SyncTrazor (recently updated to 1.1.16). One runs RC (currently v0.14.29-rc.1) one runs stable (v0.14.28). One of them I restarted and shortly after it crashed again. Here is the log from that one:

SyncTrazor Log is attached. I can attach the syncthing one if required - although I have a suspicion this is to do with SyncTrazors update rather than syncthing as none of my other nodes have crashed.

SyncTrayzor.log (467.7 KB)

Looks like a firewall issue, yet it shouldn’t crash repeatedly.

I haven’t changed anything on the firewall, and it hasn’t crashed again since the second restart - if its any use I am running pfSense with Snort - not showing any alerts or blocking for anything syncthing related.

Can you raise a isaue on github? I think we should remove that panic as it’s doing no good. We know the bug is there and we should not crash.



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