Syncthing crashes when connecting with VPN (saytrust)

Syncthing v1.17.0 on Windows 10 x64 is crashing as soon as I open a VPN connection. The software used for opening the VPN connection is called “saytrust” (sayTRUST VPSC | Netzwerkzugang Made in Germany ohne Backdoor). I uploaded a log from the crash (all personal and irrelevant entries removed):
Exception 0xc0000026 0x2a900000000 0x0 0x7ffe467f2346PC=0x7ffe467f2346sysc -

Also restarting syncthing while the connection is established leads to a crash.

It gets an exception from inside an accept syscall (that is, when accepting an incoming connection); I think this is a driver bug in the VPN.

I see. Anything I can do to help fixing this?

The fix is not our side, it’s your VPN side, so best if you talk to them.

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