Syncthing config.xml cosmetic issue


I’m currently on Syncthing v1.4.2 (Windows 10 x64) - official version. Storing my Syncthing config text files in Git, I noticed while changing settings through the Web UI, that the order of XML nodes changed. Here’s what I observed:

Change 1: image

Change 2: image

The clue is, I didn’t change any settings regarding this specific folder. I’ve just paused another folder. I wonder, if there’s something in the code to keep the config.xml well ordered and “reproducibly” saved the same way. It’s just cosmetic as the parts of the text file seem to jump around. No urgent need to address this.

Kind regards Catfriedn1

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We just use standard go serialisation library, if anything changed, it’s probably the version of go that introduced the change, not us.

I think those values go into a map which is unordered. So the order will vary randomly. We should probably fix that and have a stable ordering.


Thanks for the two PR’s :slight_smile:

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