Syncthing check if folder has completed synchronization

By querying a folderID using rest API call is it possible for me to check if it has succesfully finished synchronization? I know ItemFInishedApi call exists … but I want to query per folder rather than gettting all the folder Ids which have completed synchronization.

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I explored both the /db-completion and the /db-status call. The /db-completion was taking more time for large folders. I am planning on using the /db-status needBytes parameter.But in the document provided it is mentioned that this is an expensive call : I plan to run this for around 2000 folders. What does expensive mean here ?

That calling it causes Syncthing to do a bunch of database operations to figure out the answer; expensive == slow, basically.

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there is no such warning for /rest/db/completion. Between the 2 calls is rest/db/status more expensive in terms of time as well ?

I don’t know, you can experiment.

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