Syncthing capabilities

Hi all,

First of thank you for the development of syncthing, it truly looks like the perfect solution for many backup/syncronisation requirements. I have looked through the documentation on the site, however I am not entirely clear on some features of syncthing. My sytem consists of:

  • an iMac running OSX
  • a powerbook running OSX
  • a windows PC with an external hard drive attached

I would like to use syncthing to sync folders from the iMac to the external hard drive over the web. Is there any issue in syncing across platforms?

Secondly I would also like to sync a subset of these folders to the powerbook. Am I able to sync only a subset of the folders to some nodes? Also what happens if there is a conflict between files that have been modified on two nodes between syncronisations (assuming one node is offline for an extended period)?

Depending on file system permissions may be a problem, but If you don’t care too much about those it’s perfectly fine. Also special characters that work on one system and not on the other cause that those files are skipped.

There are ignores for that Home · syncthing/syncthing Wiki · GitHub

there will be a file with “conflict” in the name (don’t know the exact pattern) in the same directory like the file is. Nothing will be lost but you have to look yourself what is the version you want.

Wow thanks for the prompt reply.

To be clear, are the .stignore files placed in the default folder of each node, so each node can sync a different set of files?

the .stignore is directly in every synced folder. You can also edit it in the GUI then you can’t put it in the wrong place :wink: Depending on what exactly you want you could also configure every folder you want to sync separately instead of putting them together and using ignores, depends on your folder structure… I prefer configuring more folders and not using ignores at all.

Thanks. How would I go about organising folders to sync to one node and others to a second node without using ignores?

Depends on what you want to sync. Simplest way is to put everything you want to share with device A in folder 1 and everything else you want to share with device B in folder 2 and then share folder 1 with device A and folder 2 with device B

Sorry I can’t be more specific but I’ll need more details about your situation, and what exactly you want to do in order to give a better answer.