Syncthing cannot access /media/me/ExternalDrive on an Ubuntu based distro

This is the notice message I get on the web GUI:

<small>2020-02-28 03:19:25:</small> Failed to create folder root directory mkdir /media/me/ExternalDrive/Users/me/My\ Documents: invalid argument

<small>2020-02-28 03:19:25:</small> Error on folder "laptop_phone_sync" (laptop_phone_sync): folder path missing

I doubled checked the path and i’m 100% sure it’s correct. It also doesn’t seem like a permission issue. I checked who runs the Syncthing process by typing: ps aux | grep syncthing in a terminal, and sure enough, it was me. And obviously I have access to /media and all its subfolders.

Any idea what might be the problem? Thanks

I solved it!

It’s because I was being a smarty pants by trying to escape the space in My Documents. Apparently, Syncthing does it for you. It’s a bit confusing though. If this field accepts signs like: “~/”, then it should behave like a terminal would i.e. not escape stuff for you.

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