Syncthing blocked on one side of the link only


I’ve been happily using Syncthing for like 2 years with different installations and computers. On a new laptop, I copied my whole data (2 st folders, around 100gb). I patiently waited for it to sync (data already copied, but it takes some hour to get syncthing to say everything is synced) to an older laptop. Then I also patiently waited for it to sync with a desktop pc which is also synced to both machines. However, the second sync did not finish. On the desktop pc side, everything seems fine and all appears to be synced. On the laptop side, the situation is as in the screenshot linked below, that is, stuck at 64%. Logs seem just fine; data seems to be synced and consistent. Synchronization of new changes seems to be working anyway.

You might be experiencing Running syncthing (once) with the -reset-deltas command line option might fix the issue.

Thanks, it worked!

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