Syncthing Bar for OS-X


as to the obisdian bar: 10.10s dark theme seems to have replaced the obsidian bar so i didn’t address that problem :open_mouth: (lazy, lazy :O)


Thanks a lot, now everything is working. I thought only, that it should update itselfe? But it had not.

And when you have time, it would be cool when it shows me, if it has a connection (green) or not (red) and if it is syncing (turning circle) :wink: Them Iwould be absolutly happy :stuck_out_tongue: And maby in the dropdown it could show up/down rate.


it will update the bundled syncthing but not itself :slight_smile:


Could you maybe add the option to disable the automatic starting of the program? Currently it’s always starting when a user logs in. I had to remove the appropiate .plist file from /Library/LaunchAgents to disable this.

Moreover, could you use the Syncthing icon as program icon (if there are no copyright issues)? The official icon is available as a vector file, so it should be no problem to get the right sizes.

Apart from these small issues, the program works perfectly so far :).


A new release has been published. Finally a proper appicon :smiley:. Thnx to @shish on github

Check it out here:


Thanks for your work! Just one thing, I’ve recognised, that the “show Log” function does not work anymore. It opens nothing.


I can confirm this. It would be nice if this could be fixed.


It seems that the packager forgot to add the logwindow xib file :frowning: I have no idea why that happened. However i just prepared a new release. The bar won’t upgrade syncthing anymore (syncthing has its own mechanism to upgrade) so users can disable autoupgrades in syncthing.

New release can be fetched here:


Thank you very much!

(Dan The Coloradan) #31

Nice work! I don’t know any cocoa / swift either, but I’ll check out your work and see if there is anything I can do to help :smiley: I’m a C++ developer btw if that helps at all.

Works on: MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2013) OS X Yosemite


Does Syncthing Bar work on Mavericks? The install pkg worked fine but I can’t seem to get the application to run beyond showing the icon on the dock and having a single “syncthing-bar” menu item with no contents.

I am using 10.9.5.


no. syncthing-bar requires yosemite. It uses fancy storyboards :S


Any news about support for version 0.11.0 of SyncThing? :smile:


I just tried it with version 0.11.0 of SyncThing: Syncthing Bar stops after a second without a warning so it seems that Syncthing Bar is affected by the API change. Could you please update it when you have the time?


Yes please give us an update! :slight_smile:


Fixed :smile:

(JamesGecko) #38

This is really nice. Only thing I’ve run into is that when Syncthing restarts after an automatic update, it can pop up an OS X network permissions dialog without warning.


New release has been published :smiley:

Got a new icon which should fix transparency issues :smiley:

also bumped bundled syncthing to 0.11.6


A new release is there :open_mouth:

We now have a settings dialog, containing icon settings and the possibility to pause syncthing when certain applications are running.

You can now stop and start syncthing from within the menu.

All credits for this release go to @chrisidefix

Grab it here:


Another update: