Syncthing as Windows service?

When this binary will run as windows service. This is useles unless you can run this as service. This should be task numbern one!

There are ways to do that, if you search the forum. But some people seem to be able to use it anyhow, so I wouldn’t say completely useless. :wink:


There are large security considerations to running syncthing as a service, with entire threads dedicated to them if you search the forum (I’d link, but I’m on mobile). Starting syncthing on login is almost always a better option. Also take a look at SyncTrayzor and Syncthing-GTK.

Wonder how you can claim Syncthing to be useless just because you have not been able to run it as a Windows service?! I have Synthing running through a batch file on Windows for one of my nodes, and it’s been running fine with no issues for 3-4 months so far.

FAR from useless imo…

Righty, service vs auto-logon:

If you really really know what you’re doing and definitely want a service (and are clued up enough on security to be fully aware of the implications), then:

If you just want to do it the same way that everyone else does it, then use SyncTrayzor or Syncthing-GTK.


Try Syncthing Light is a simple package installer for install and runs Syncthing as Windows Service (without tray utility - runs hidden).