Syncthing appreciation thread

I’d just like to open this thread to say thanks for all the work that has gone into Syncthing. It’s fast, featureful and bulletproof. I’ve been using it for years and it does what it says reliably, syncs quickly and is there when I need it.

I looked through the forum but it was mostly support requests of people who are having problems (as all forums are), so I wanted to open this thread to say thank you, Syncthing has been working perfectly for me and I’ve had no problems with it.

Maybe people who feel the same can add their comment here.


Thanks for Syncthing. I feel the same as I use it without any problems since 2016/07. Originally discovered it by watching a YouTube video about btsync vs. other solutions and immediately chose to try its superpowers :-).


Thank you all for Syncthing! I’m using it since 2017 personally as well as for work, and it has been extremely reliable and never ceased to deliver.

I recently started learning some Go, and Syncthing is awesome in this regard, too: neat and organized code to learn from, and code review that helps to learn even more.

The community is lovely, the project is awesome, and I can’t really even start to express how much thankful and appreciating of maintainers I am.


I agree, and appreciate the development of this tool and contributing it as open source.

I am a new user and decided to use Syncthing to replace an older tool (Unison) due to some additional features. The development team seems open to discussion of new features but at the same time is careful to maintain stability.