Syncthing and GOES Satellite

I have the GOES satellite running on my pi 4 and recieving images. I followed the tutorial to get the pi to send images to my laptop but its not working even though im pretty sure its all set up properly. Im sure im missing something but my limited knowledge has me at a loss. Heres syncthing running on the pie…

Could you please describe what is not working? Only one thing stands out as odd as far as I understand: It seems like you have not added any files in the shared folder.

GOES Satellite program is supposed to take the images it downloaded from the Satellite and move them from the Pi to the windows computer folder…but nothing is being moved from GEOSat Pi /home/w8cpt/goes to C:\users\donmcjr\GOES

This is from the Pi…

This is from the PC

Everything seems fine, except that there are no files or directories to actually sync.

In the screenshots of the web interfaces I see that:

  • The file count in BOTH ends is 0.
  • The directory count in BOTH ends is 0.

Further, Syncthing is NOT a “file move” program. It is a synchronization program.

Scroll down this page to the section on Tranferring files to a pc…thats what im trying to do. Transfer the image files to my PC from the pi to view them…

I really think I understand what you are trying to accomplish.

Let me repeat, and please read this carefully and then study your web interface screenshots:

I think i get it…i have to make paths to the folders the files are stored in! I found this images on the pi so i have to make paths to share the folders they are in! Thanks i think ive gotten it ill mess with it later! :upside_down_face:


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Nice images! Good luck!

Thanks! I appreciate the help im pretty sure I understand how it works now…trial and error will tell me. Without doing anything yet if i delete the images from the pi folders will they disappear from the PC folder too? Cause if so i need to save the ones i want elsewhere!


Thought so! Thanks!:wink:

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