syncspirit v0.2.0 release!

I’m glad to announce v0.2.0 release!

The major feature of the new release is the possibility to use relay transport from the public pool of synthing relays from . Currently syncspirit picks a random on the start.

More complete changelog can be seen here, and the source code and binaries (for windows and linux) can be downloaded here.

syncspirit is syncthing-compatible syncrhonization program, which implements BEP-protocol. syncspirit is written from the scratch software, which has different technical decisions on it’s foundation to overcome syncthing limitations. syncspirit is available for windows and linux; you can build and use it on termux for Andoid. Currently syncspirit is targeted to power users and early adopters, who feel self comfortable with command-line.

Any feedback is welcome!

WBR, basiliscos.


That’s so cool! How long did it take you to achieve basic compatibility (i.e. get 2 devices paired and some data transferred)?