Syncing wants to replace all files?

So I’m trying to sync two computer across the net (location A and B). I copied the files over about 6 months ago and there may be 2 -10 gigs of changes plus additions at most. It is wanting to sync over everything?
I’m incrementally backing up my data to a backup folder at location A and want to copy this folder to an offsite place. Is this acting like ftp where it will overwrite the whole folder if any changes are made to files in the folder?

Shortly: No, data that already exists is never transmitted.

Thanks. Then I can not figure out why its wanting to sync all the files again… Any ideas? all the meta is the same

What do you mean meta? We track internal file metadata in syncthing which is going to differ to start with, even if the content and timestamps are the same I think.

And how do you know it wants to transfer all files? If you set it up the first time it will say it is syncing a lot of files, because it is comparing them. Then it will see that they don’t actually differ and finish “syncing” without transferring anything.

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