Syncing stops for read-only folder


I have the following issue. I created a shared folder which I set to “send-only” in Syncthing. Afterwards I changed the file permissions on that folder so that the user running Syncthing (I called him “user”) has only reading permissions.

drwxr----- 3 root user 4096 févr. 17 23:03 'New folder'

Now Syncthing stops syncing and scanning this folder although reading permissions should be sufficient, unless I miss something

Here you can see the issue:

As you can see Syncthing does not notice the 5th file that I added to that folder afterwards. I think that this is a bug.

I am running version v1.0.1, Linux (64 bit)

To list the contents of a directory you need execute permission.

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Great, thank you very much!

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